The Truth About Recording & Mixing, Ep. 2

Welcome to the second episode of the FJ‘s Truth About Recording & Mixing podcast, hosted by Crackle & Pop!‘s Johnny Sangster.

This week’s episode features mastering engineer Rachel Field for a discussion about mastering, vinyl in the current day, levels for streaming audio and the need for more women in audio.

Some topics discussed this week:

1:00  Examples of phase discrepancies from a recent drum recording at Crackle & Pop!

6:25 Listener topic: Zoom’s “original audio” feature

8:00 Listener topic: Beginner recordist & condenser mics

11:15 Special guest: Rachel Field / observations when listening to vinyl

15:20 A little history on the loudness wars and what’s happening today with streaming

21:40 Brickwall limiting and how that affects vinyl cutting

24:35 Rachel’s mastering chain, box by box

31:35 Which first, level or tone?

35:15 Using analog tape in the mastering chain

37:40 Recent projects in the mastering studio

39:50 Advice for the home recordists / mixers

45:20 Using spectrum analyzers

49:00 Navigating the mastering process and more on standards from streaming services

1:03:00 Why aren’t there more women engineers & producers? Resources for women in audio.

1:08:30 More about Rachel’s path from student to engineer

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The Truth About Recording & Mixing is a bi-weekly podcast produced by the Fretboard Journal magazine, loosely based on our Truth About Vintage Amps Q&A podcast. If you enjoy it, please leave us a review and share it with friends.

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