The Truth About Recording & Mixing, Ep. 10

Welcome to The Truth About Recording & Mixing Podcast’s tenth episode, where we visit with Timothy Herzog and learn more about impedance, circuit design and Spectra Sonics. Timothy is the drummer in Godspeed You Black Emperor; he also records and produces and builds consoles.


0:00 Introduction
2:00 Comment from Jon Ulrigg on Impedance being frequency dependent
6:05 Listener question from Liam on todays musicians and the artists who frequent Crackle & Pop! Studio
18:30 Welcome Timothy Herzog: Clarifying the topic of Impedance & interconnects
34:50 Timothy’s history
40:00 Family history: Timothy’s father & grandfather were electrical engineers
44:30 Meeting J Mascis & Mike Watt and going on the road and eventually getting involved with Godspeed You Black Emperor
56:55 Getting introduced to Spectra Sonics and then getting obsessed with Spectra Sonics
01:06:50 Richard Guy and more Spectra history; William Dilley’s approach to solid state designs
01:16:00 Learning from Richard Guy and building his first consoles
01:22:00 Working on other Spectras. Auditronics and Welton Jetton
1:34:30 Current projects. Matt Ross Spang’s studio build and the Ardent Spectra
1:44:00 One more correction: How to measure impedance
01:49:00 The polarity of kick drums discussion returns!!! Gah!

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The Truth About Recording & Mixing is a bi-weekly podcast produced by the Fretboard Journal magazine, loosely based on our Truth About Vintage Amps Q&A podcast.

Gear mentioned: Spectra Sonics, Spectra1964, Spectra C610, Spectra 101, Coles Ribbon Mics, Beyer Dynamic Ribbon Mics, RE20, SM57.