Podcast 467: Scott Tsai (Queens Vintage Guitars)

Meet Scott Tsai, founder of Philadelphia’s Queens Vintage Guitars.

As of this writing, Queens Vintage Guitars may just be the newest brick & mortar vintage guitar store in the country. On today’s podcast, Scott tells us about its inception, the store’s community focus, its unique inventory, and so much more.


Scott’s own story is fascinating: His love for guitar started with a Yamaha from Costco. He became hooked on the music of Tommy Emmanuel, landed a job at NYC’s Retrofret (thanks to some impressive tenacity), and gradually amassed a collection of rare Epiphone archtops from the 1930s. He gives us a mini history lesson on Epiphones and explains what makes their archtops different from their Gibson counterparts.

Plus: Scott’s short-lived stint as a paparazzi photographer!

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