Podcast 436: Chris Vincent of R2R Electric

As R2R Electric, Chris Vincent builds exacting copies of classic 1960s fuzz, boost, and wah pedals using old components. It’s a unique business model where Chris has to devote more time to sourcing and testing vintage transistors than he does actually building pedals. When he does release a batch of new pedals on Reverb, demand is through the roof. They typically sell out in a day or so.

On this week’s podcast, Chris stops by the FJ and tells us about the quirks of building brand-new (but mostly old) pedals. We talk about how he sources and tests his parts, how he got hooked on vintage pedals, and about some of his favorite products.

Chris is arguably best known by his Instagram handle, @djlavalamp. He was an early guest on our Truth About Vintage Amps show and he participated in our early pandemic project #FJFest with a behind-the-scenes video submission. It was great to catch up with this in-demand pedal maker right before his next pedal drop.


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