Podcast 351: Nacho Baños

Today, we’re talking to the one-and-only Nacho Baños  over in Valencia, Spain. Baños is the mastermind behind Nacho Guitars, ‘The Blackguard Book,’ and the monumental new ‘Pinecaster Book.’


If you’ve ever watched Julian Lage perform on his “Nachcaster” and wondered just who made it, this episode is for you. We hear about Nacho’s early infatuation with American music; how he began buying and selling instruments while attending college in Boston; and why, in 2003, he started writing what would become ‘The Blackguard Book.’

We learn about the production team behind Nacho Guitars and how he almost retired from guitarmaking when he (temporarily) couldn’t source decent swamp ash. He also explains the reasoning behind ‘The Pinecaster Book,’ his most ambitious publishing project to date. The four-volume set goes beyond the printed page, with all new photographs and multimedia video showcasing the guitars mentioned in the book.

*** Sorry for the occasional Zoom audio lag, but this interview was too good not to share. ***

This episode is sponsored by Izotope (use the discount code FRET10 to save 10% on their amazing software) and Retrofret Vintage Guitars.

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