Podcast 301: Robert “Nitebob” Czaykowski

Robert “Nitebob” Czaykowski is a legendary rock & roll sound engineer. For nearly 50 years, he’s done front-of-house mixing for musicians both famous and infamous, consulted with musical instrument companies (there’s a “Nitebob” setting on Fender Cyber-Twins), worked as a gear tech, and even served as Walter Becker’s de facto “guitar pimp.” During this sprawling talk (hopefully the first of many), Nitebob reflects upon years working for Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Iggy Pop, the New York Dolls, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Steely Dan, Lez Zeppelin, and REM (to name a few), talks about his early love for the guitar, explains what makes a great live mix and so much more. We think you’ll love getting to know Nitebob.

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Links mentioned: Nitebob on Roadie Free Radio; Nitebob on Joseph Arthur’s Come to Where I’m From; Satellite Amplifiers on the Truth About Vintage Amps Podcast; and the Fretboard Journal‘s tribute to the guitars of Walter Becker.

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Above: Nitebob mixing for Ian Hunter, taken by Rose Mattrey.