Podcast 291: Michael Millard of Froggy Bottom Guitars


Michael Millard of Froggy Bottom Guitars reflects upon 50 years of guitarmaking with one of our most insightful podcast interviews to date. Millard is a legendary figure in the world of musical instruments, using the lessons he learned working alongside Michael Gurian in the early 1970s to create one of the most collectible acoustic guitar brands of the modern era.

During this nearly hour-long chat, he talks about the ways Froggy Bottoms are constructed, describes his company’s unique business model, and announces his plan for retirement at the end of 2020. Millard was trained as a psychologist and, beyond all the guitar talk, his unfiltered thoughts on social injustice, the opportunities afforded him, and the danger of expectations are a breath of fresh air.

Special thanks to The Music Emporium for the above photo of a used Froggy Bottom H-12 they currently have in stock.

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