Podcast 279: Tré Burt

A couple of years ago, Sacramento’s Tré Burt lugged his Flinthill acoustic guitar onto a bus from Northern California to Los Angeles to record some demos at a friend’s studio. When that was done, he assumed he’d turn around and get started on another record. What Burt didn’t realize was that those Dylan-inspired songs would end up being released on John Prine’s Oh Boy record label as his debut album, Caught It From the Rye. (Even more impressive, Burt is just one of two artists to get signed to the label in the last 15 years.)

On this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to this singer-songwriter about his start, his signing to Oh Boy, his countless evenings as a busker in California, Oregon and Australia, getting heckled by Prine and a lot more. It’s quite a journey and Burt is just getting started…

This episode is sponsored by Retrofret Vintage Guitars and Mono Cases.

Above photo: Louis Rua

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