Podcast 266: Andy Powers Returns

October 2019

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Once again, we’re bringing back one of our favorite subjects to the Fretboard Journal Podcast. Andy Powers should need little introduction to longtime FJ followers: In less than a decade, he’s gone from being a solo luthier working out of his dad’s garage to being the face of Taylor’s guitar development to (as of a couple weeks ago) becoming a co-owner / partner in the company. During this week’s conversation, we talk about all of the above, learn about Andy’s work habits and hear about some of the daily decision-making that goes on behind-the-scenes at Taylor.

This episode is sponsored by Retrofret Vintage Guitars.

Note: Andy Powers contributed to the Fretboard Journal #24, was featured in the FJ #42 (read our feature here) and has been on Fretboard Journal Podcast episodes 121, 143 and 238. All podcasts are available for streaming via Apple Podcasts or through this site.

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