Podcast 256: Paul Heumiller of Dream Guitars

On this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to Paul Heumiller, founder of Dream Guitars. Dream Guitars is an online store focused on contemporary high-end, luthier-built acoustic guitars. On any given day, they typically have over 100 new and pre-owned instruments from legendary luthiers such as Wayne Henderson, James Olson, Leo Buendia and Jordan McConnell.

During this chat, Paul tells us about the current market for these instruments, explains what he thinks separates a great acoustic builder from the rest and much more. If you’re fascinated by the craft of guitarmaking or an aspiring luthier yourself, you should listen to this episode. Paul has a ton of great insights.

This episode is sponsored by Roberto-Venn, Mono Cases, Carter Vintage, Martin Guitars and Gibson.

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