Podcast 224: Skip Simmons

Amp repairman Skip Simmons calls it like he sees it… and, when it comes to tube amps, he’s seen it all. On this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, we spend an hour picking the brain of this amp guru and get his thoughts on commons mistakes customers make when buying a vintage amp, what bargains still exist in the world of amplification, how not to repair tube amps and a lot more. We also talk about Filmosound conversions, Alexander Dumble and why Skip will do serious mods to some amps and not others.

Going forward, Skip will be hosting a monthly podcast called the Truth About Vintage Amps for the Fretboard Journal where he will be fielding questions from you, our listeners. Send any and all amp questions and comments to fretboardjournal@gmail.com!

Longtime readers may remember that Skip was featured in the FJ’s 33rd issue.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Lee Valley Tools, Retrofret Vintage Guitars and Lowden Guitars.

Photograph: Tom Walzem