Podcast 123: Vintage Martin Panel from the 2016 Fretboard Summit

On this week’s podcast, we’re sharing the vintage Martin guitar panel that took place at the 2016 Fretboard Summit. Included on this panel were guitar experts Mark Stutman (Folkway Music), TJ Thompson, Jim Baggett (Mass Street Music), David Sheppard (Lowe Vintage), Eric Schoenberg and Joe Glaser (Glaser Instruments). Also joining in is Dick Boak from Martin. This episode makes for a nice bookend with Fretboard Journal Podcast #122 with TJ Thompson.

Topics discussed: TJ’s background, the Martin “long scale” myth, proper intonation, hide glue, popsicle braces, slotted bridge pins, why you can’t make a new guitar exactly like an old one and much more. All-told, a fun and informative chat with six vintage instrument authorities.

Note: The audience was un-mic’d for this session so questions are hard to hear on this podcast. You should be able to figure out all the questions asked via the panel’s responses.

This episode is sponsored by TR Crandall.