Podcast 122: TJ Thompson at the Fretboard Summit

On this week’s Fretboard Journal podcast, we’re sharing the moving talk that luthier TJ Thompson gave at the 2016 Fretboard Summit in San Diego. This talk was billed as “Myth Busting with TJ Thompson” and had the following description in our program:

Adirondack you say? What makes you think so? Is it possible to build a new guitar just like the old guitars? How long is long scale? Is hide glue really better? Should you have that popsicle brace removed? Internet bloggers who believe they know the answers to these questions beware, this lecture may not be for you.

This was easily one of the most talked about sessions at the Summit. TJ talks about a lot more than just vintage Martin guitar repair; he discusses the creative process, his relationship to the raw materials he uses, the price luthiers pay by being perfectionists and why the forums can infuriate him. By popular demand (and with his permission), we’re sharing this session today. At the 2016 Summit, TJ was also on panels discussing vintage Martin guitars, vintage acoustic Gibson guitars and the merits of the PLEK machine. We’ll be posting those in the near future, too.

This week’s podcast sponsor is TR Crandall, a must-see vintage guitar shop in New York City.