Luthier on Luthier: Live from the 2017 GAL Convention

Our seventh episode of the Luthier on Luthier Podcast is a little different from the rest. Rather than interview one builder, I have shorter interviews with several luthiers. Each of these interviews took place at the 2017 GAL (Guild of American Luthiers) Convention in Tacoma, Washington.

During this podcast, you will hear from Dan Erlewine, Erick Coleman, Chelsea Clark, Jeffery Elliott, Chris Herrod, Steve Marchione, Don Macrostie, Evan Gluck and many others. You’ll also hear an adventurous tale of buffing from Harry Fleishman.

If your into lutherie and have the chance to attend a guild meeting, I highly recommend it. There were a lot more people I would have liked to talk to but I just ran out of time. I know a lot of guitar builders listen to this podcast and it was great to meet so many of you in person, too.

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