Life on the Fretboard: Jon Gomm

Jon Gomm is a virtuoso singer-songwriter whose astonishing command of extended acoustic guitar techniques is coupled with thought-provoking lyrics and a dry, often anarchic sense of humor.

In this episode of Life on the Fretboard, Gomm shares his thoughts with host Michael Watts on having the guitar as part of his identity as well as a sanctuary, his horror of sonic paradigms and deeply dodgy guitar shops, the importance of Kurt Cobain, Michael Hedges bootlegs, and the vulnerabilities of practicing in airports.

Gomm also talks about the role the instrument has played in his life as a cathartic, healing element – particularly in times of loss and sadness. Something we can all perhaps relate to.

There is some adult language and listeners outside of the Leeds/Bradford conurbation may benefit from this brief glossary of terms:
To be het up” – to be highly excited, even agitated.
To wazz about” – To travel at great speed, often without a clear destination.

Life on the Fretboard is a Michael Watts production for Fretboard Journal and this episode would not be possible without the kind sponsorship of McNally Guitars and Microtech Gefell Microphones.