Podcast 77: Eric Garland

Back in November of 2013, trend analyst, author and musician Eric Garland decided to post an entry to his blog entitled “Guitar Center and the End of Big Box Retail.” He described how GC’s corporate bond had been downgraded to junk status and how, in his view, it signaled “the end of a terrible model” of retailing. Garland never expected the post to go viral but within a couple of weeks it was shared by thousands of guitarists and musicians, GC customers, industry insiders and music lovers (his most recent updates can be found here).

For our 77th podcast, we talk with Garland about the way musical instruments in America are sold, get his current thoughts on GC and hear about what gear trends he’s encouraged by. It’s a 45 minute chat with a truly smart gearhead.

Intro/outro music by Jon Rauhouse.

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