Podcast 75: Philip Graham of Ear Trumpet Labs

When Portland, Oregon computer programmer Philip Graham decided that his singer-songwriter daughter needed a better microphone, he didn’t just turn to the latest pro audio catalog. Instead, Graham decided to do some research and build her one from scratch. Two years and a ton of R&D later, Ear Trumpet Labs was born and Graham found himself with a new day job, hand-assembling microphones for professional and amateur musicians.

Though Graham’s microphones are visually distinctive and look almost steampunk with their copper tubing, plumbing flanges and unique designs, each is made with function in mind. Onstage, acclaimed acoustic artists such as the Milk Carton Kids, Tom Brosseau and Della Mae have all embraced Ear Trumpet microphones.

During this 23-minute podcast interview, Fretboard Journal publisher Jason Verlinde talks to Graham about his creations and the motivation behind each model. Graham explains why most studio microphones (even the pricey ones) aren’t necessarily a great fit in a concert setting.

Learn more: eartrumpetlabs.com