Premiere: Sera Cahoone’s ‘The Flora Sessions’ EP

April 2018

Over the course of four stellar albums, Seattle’s own Sera Cahoone has become one of our favorite Americana artists. On her new EP, The Flora String Sessions, she takes some of her favorite songs from throughout her career and accompanies them with guitar, violin, viola and cello with all new arrangements from Led to Sea violist Alex Guy. The Fretboard Journal is proud to stream this forthcoming EP in its entirety; it will be officially released on April 20, 2018.

Though Sera can be seen with a few guitars at her live shows, including a Martin John Mayer signature edition and a Gibson J-45, on these tracks she turned to her tried-and-true Martin 000M. “I have had it for over 13 years,” she says of the Martin. “It’s my baby!”

As for playing alongside a chamber music trio? “It was pretty out of my comfort zone,” she admits. “But, once I heard what Alex wrote I was in awe,” she says. “Especially ‘Worry All Your Life,’ it just turned out so beautiful.”