Fretboard Journal 50: Join Us

November 2021

A short note from Fretboard Journal HQ: Our 49th issue is off to press and mailing in early December. We’re knee deep in designing our 50th issue, which will be out in February, 2022. Fifty?! Rest assured, we’re going to make it special: Some new voices, a fresh look, and plenty of surprises… I can’t wait for you to see it.

Which brings me to a few quick announcements:

I’d love to include some stories from you, our readers. Maybe the Fretboard Journal changed your outlook on music, turned you on to your favorite luthier or introduced you to a musician you now adore. Maybe you made a special connection at one of our Summits or our podcasts has enriched your life in a big way. I’d love to showcase a few of these tales in our pages … please email me at jason@fretboardjournal.com if you have something to submit. I promise I’ll read every email.

We’re also on the lookout – as always – for great guitar tales. Truth is, we love seeing the rare and noteworthy instruments from our community just as much as we do famous musicians. If you have a guitar with a great back story, email me about it. Who knows? Maybe one of our reader’s guitars will be on the cover of one of our next issues.

Brands: If you want to advertise in the 50th issue, consider this your warning: This is an issue you’ll want to be included in and slots are quickly filling up. Contact us and we’ll see if there’s space for you. We’re locking in all ads by early December.

Lurkers: If you aren’t a current subscriber, we hope you’ll join us. You’ll be guaranteed our 49th and that commemorative 50th issue, which is sure to sell out. Print subscriptions start at just $48 (digital is even cheaper… $30). Best of all, by subscribing you’ll be helping us grow. Use the discount code FRET15 to save 15% off your order for a very limited time.

Everyone: The herculean (to me, at least) task of keeping an extremely niche, high-production magazine and podcast network going for 16 years would not be possible without your support and kind words. None of this – the magazine, the videos, the audio interviews, the newsletter, the events or this very website – would exist if it weren’t for our subscribers. Throughout global ups-and-downs, we’ve been able to put out a 128-page magazine with the highest quality imaginable because of you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a continued part of our family. -Jason