#FJFest: Lessons, Resources and Studio Services

May 2020

Lessons, etc.

An alphabetical listing of instructors in the FJ community offering lessons via Skype, Patreon, etc.

Updated May 6th: two new Masterclasses with Julian Lage; Guthrie Trapp is offering a “play along” version of his latest release and a 20% discount on lessons through the end of June. Links and details below.

Danny Barnes

A little surprised and plenty excited to see that Danny Barnes is now offering lessons via Skype/Zoom…


Chris Eldridge has joined Julian Lage over at guitar.study (along with Lucius guitarist Peter Lalish). That’s pretty cool.

Grant Gordy

Grant is offering Skype lessons (contact him via his Facebook page) and has just released his first record with his electric trio, Interpreter, available for purchase via Bandcamp.

Guitar Mastery Intensive

Despite its awkward name, Guitar Mastery Intensive is an impressive program, and they’re adding to their roster. We just learned that Jeff Parker has signed up, joining folks like Molly Miller, Adam Levy and Steve Cardenas, among others.

Jan Jakut

You might know Jan from his transcriptions of some of Bill Frisell’s performances here at the Fretboard Journal. He’s also shared this transcription after hearing of Bucky Pizzarelli’s passing, April 1. Jan has also published a new eBook, Studies for electric guitar: Tone – Technique – Theory, and is donating all proceeds to the CDC Foundation and the Seattle Foundation Covid-19 Response Fund.

Julian Lage

Sadly, Julian’s Skype lessons via guitar.study are fully booked, but he’s already opened up the calendar once, so he might make more slots available in the future. He’s also done one Town Hall-style master class and has just announced two more, on May 9th and 16th via Crowdcast. Keep an eye on his Instagram and Facebook for updates…

Adam Levy

Adam has been providing online instruction via Guitar Tips Pro, a Patreon offering, for a while now, and is working on a “virtual jams” offering for his Patreon supporters. He also offers instruction via Truefire and, as mentioned above, Guitar Mastery Intensive.

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Diminished chords …

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Nick Millevoi

Nick has a new “Guitar Workouts” program for his students:

Ian Moore

Singer-songwriter / bluesman Ian Moore has turned to the Topeka platform to offer private concerts, lessons or just a chat. Contact him here.

Open Studio

Needless to say, it’s not just guitar players feeling the pinch. Open Studio includes instruction from players like Christian McBride, Dianne Reeves and Warren Wolf, not to mention the guitarists Romero Lubambo and Peter Sprague, and they’ve started offering a Choose What You Pay model.

Paul Pigat

Paul’s new transcriptions of Cousin Harley’s Blue Smoke: The Music of Merle Travis are available for download. Contact him via his Facebook page.

Noam Pikelny

Speaking of not just guitar players…

Guthrie Trapp

Guthrie is now offering a “play along” version of his latest release, Life After Dark, and a 20% discount on Slype/Zoom lessons through the end of June.

Tim Young

Tim’s Late Late Show gig is on hiatus, so he’s filling the gap with online lessons. Tim’s not much for social media, so reach out to him via his partner, Eryn, and have a gander at Tim’s collaboration with Bill Frisell here at the FJ offices.

Free Resources / Time Killers

David Ziegele’s Free Transcriptions

Longtime FJ reader (and exceptional guitarist) David Ziegele is offering over a dozen free transcriptions of original fingerstyle material along with tunes from Jackson Browne, David Grier and Normal Blake.

Moog’s Minimoog Model D iOS app

No frets, but plenty of fun: Moog is offering their Minimoog Model D app for free right now. If you’ve ever been curious about playing with a synth, it’s a great place to get started.

Fylde Guitars

Roger Bucknall over at Fylde Guitars is compiling a list of online concerts, lessons and other resources, including but not limited to a number of Fylde players, nor even to guitars or music, for that matter.

Studio Time/Live Streaming Services

Crackle & Pop!

Johnny Sangster and our friends at Crackle & Pop! have been doing live streaming shows for a while now and are available in Seattle for artists exploring that avenue.

Flora Recording & Playback

Cancellations have given Tucker Martine at Flora openings for mixing new projects.

Note: This is an ever-evolving list and we will be making additions daily. If we’re missing something cool, drop us a line at festival@fretboardjournal.com.