Video Premiere: John Smith Performs “Living In Disgrace”

John Smith has taken a liking to shooting videos in odd places. Leading up to the release of his latest record, Headlong, Smith sang the title track wrapped in a life preserver, perched in a boat in the middle of a lake in Switzerland. We’re pleased to premiere the video for “Living In Disgrace,” the second single from the record (due June 30th, produced by Sam Lakeman and mixed by Ruadhri Cushnan), filmed at the Rye Bakery in Frome, Somerset, England.

John’s performing the song live, singing into his Ear Trumpet Edwina, playing his Was-a-Coodercaster (‘70s neck, ‘60s reissue body, two Lollar Gold Foil neck pickups) split through a Strymon Blue Sky reverb and an El Capistan delay into a 2004 Cornell Romany Plus and dry into a 1968 Fender Vibro Champ. He made the guitar cables himself; he tells us, “I’ve taken up soldering in an attempt to find a non-music related hobby. I failed.”