Premiere: The Foreign Landers: “The Leaves So Green”

Just in time for Halloween, we’re happy to premiere the Foreign Landers’ new single, “The Leaves So Green.”  The duo recorded this video at South Carolina’s Old Stone Church.

“We found the lyrics to this haunting song in a collection of traditional music that was put together by the Northern Irish archivist Sam Henry,” mandolinist David Benedict explains. “Tabitha came up with an amazing new melody for this piece and we arranged it together to put our own spin on it. We spent the majority of lockdown over in Northern Ireland where Tabitha is from, but we recorded this track in the States thinking of our time there. This will be a track on a debut EP that we’ll be releasing sometime in the near future.

“On this track and video, Tabitha is playing a custom guitar that Kansas-based luthier Leo Posch built for us as a special gift for our wedding last year, and I’m playing an Apitius Vanguard F-5 mandolin built by Oliver Apitius up in Ontario Canada.”

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