Gear Check: The Guitarists in Dijon’s Touring Band

The Fretboard Journal doesn’t typically do live gear videos, but when our longtime contributor, Ryan Richter, joined Dijon’s touring band, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Here was a rare chance to shed light on the brilliant guitarists behind one of the most innovative artists performing today.

Dijon’s touring guitarists are all worth a follow: Ryan Richter: lap steel, guitar, bass (https://www.instagram.com/misterrichter/); Jack Karaszewski: guitar, bass, modular effects (https://www.instagram.com/flan_egg/); and Mike Gordon: guitars, keyboards, samples (https://www.instagram.com/mk.gee_/).

Recorded at Seattle’s the Crocodile on May 22, 2022, just before Dijon’s sold-out concert. Special thanks to Peter Hilgendorf of Lake & Pine for editing/shooting this video.