#FJFest: Vintage Small-Bodied Gibson Acoustics with Mark Stutman (Folkway Music)

Mark Stutman of Canada’s Folkway Music is one of the world’s foremost authorities on vintage Gibson acoustic guitars and their repair. He’s been featured in the Fretboard Journal numerous times; appeared at our Fretboard Summit; and is a frequent guest on our Fretboard Journal Podcast.

For his #FJFest submission, Stutman gives us a peek at his personal collection and shows off his three favorite vintage Gibson acoustics. Included are a well-played 1948/1949 Gibson LG-2 that’s missing a lower face brace; a 1932 Gibson L-00; and a 1933 Gibson L-00. In addition to talk about each guitar’s merits (and quirks), we see firsthand why Gibson’s braces often come loose, learn how to (partially) date an old L-00; hear why certain years of Gibsons sound so different from others and much more. It’s a mini-master class on vintage small-bodied Gibson flattops.

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