Bill Frisell – “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” (solo)

Bill Frisell returns to the Fretboard Journal for another memorable solo performance. This time around, he’s interpreting Bob Dylans’ “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.”

Frisell’s Fender Telecaster is heavily modified: TK Smith and Seymour Duncan Little ’59 pickups; Gibson-scale length neck (done by JW Black); Mastery bridge; and custom art by Terry Turrell. On this clip, he’s playing through a Strymon Flint pedal and a Gibson GA-50T amp.

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  • twangmagus

    For me, this man can do no wrong. An absolutely beautiful rendition of Dylan’s song, played with great sensitivity and skill. I’m totally envious, Bill! Much love from one Bill to another. (From Bill Nelson.)

  • 57goldtop

    Jeez — I keep returning to this performance, which has everything wonderful imaginable going on — great song, great meaning today, beautiful interpretation (time stands still) and those tones! Music!