Luthier on Luthier: Lame Horse Guitars

It’s a rare, double-episode of the Luthier on Luthier Podcast! For Episode 10, I head to Texas to sit down with Chris Jenkins of Lame Horse Guitars. Chris and his son Jeremy build uniquely ornamented guitars, gitjoes and ukuleles. Chris takes us through his first career in accounting (which lasted just sixty days) and then his second career as a veterinarian (which lasted forty years). Along the way, Chris decided to fix the broken neck on Jeremy’s bass. He hasn’t stopped building guitars since.

Chris also takes us through the development of his models and his fully adjustable neck joint. Finally we hear the original, not to be believed, story of the Cowboy Ukulele (pics below; we’re also auctioning one Lame Horse ukulele to support the show).

On Episode 11, we sit down with Jeremy Jenkins from Lame Horse. Jeremy tells us how he fell into guitarmaking through his father and how it has turned into a full-time career. We also learn about what makes a bad movie good, and about his many other interests outside of guitars and his view of the guitarmaking community.

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