Song Premiere: Jordan Tice – “Bachelorette Party”

On September 25, 2020, Hawktail guitarist Jordan Tice is releasing his new solo album, Motivational Speakeasy. The whole album – a collection of songs featuring just Tice and his Collings DA1 – is incredible. But one track, the intricate instrumental “Bachelorette Party,” really stood out to us. It feels as inspired by ragtime guitar as bluegrass and, once we heard it, we were eager to share it with our readers and hear more about it.

“I don’t think I’ve worked harder on anything than this little tune in my life,” Tice explained to us. “This little two-minute piece is the result of endless revisions over the course of over two years. At one point it was an eight-and-a-half minute fantasia with three different movements. However, throughout it all the title was always, ‘Bachelorette Party.’ I like harmony a lot and figuring out ways to change keys or modalities in a tune is an endless pursuit. Also, balancing more general music concepts like harmonic motion with the idiosyncrasies of folk guitar styles is another way I conceptualize writing instrumental music. I like the music to keep moving but sound evocative at all times.”

Motivational Speakeasy was produced by Kenneth Pattengale of The Milk Carton Kids.

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Photo above: Jacqueline Justice