Fretboard Journal Podcast 38: Blake Mills

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Ever wondered what it’s like to play guitar alongside Lucinda Williams? Or what the Rick Rubin-produced Kid Rock album sessions were like? Our 38th Fretboard Journal Podcast will answer all of those questions and then some.

Today's guest is Blake Mills, the 25 year old guitar phenom / singer-songwriter currently touring with Williams. Mills stopped by our office and gave us the candid scoop on his background, his recent session work and what guitars he takes on the road. Also mentioned: Jackson Browne's acrylic nail advice and the magical tone contained inside Synsonics toy guitars.

For more information on Mills, visit his site here. To hear him sing his own version of Lucinda Williams "I Just Wanted to See You So Bad" on the baritone electric guitar he mentions in this podcast, visit the Voice Project here.

Next week's podcast will feature electric guitar builder Creston Lea, who was featured in the Fretboard Journal #21.

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