Why I like guitars...

posted by Jason Verlinde

I just spent $600 over at IKEA, buying closet accessories for my wife (hey, I'm a good husband!). It'll make her life easier, they'll be handy and for once our closets will be as organized as humanly possible.
But $600 is $600. And, as I pulled past the parking lot sign where they thank you in Swedish for shopping, the value of those closets pretty much dropped to near zero. Ever buy a used closet? Didn't think so.
Take that same $600 and buy a guitar. A 15 series Martin or a used Fender or whatever floats your boat. It'll probably be worth $600 a year from now if you take care of it. And it could last for 100 years. It may be a tool in writing a hit song, or allow a kid to charm his first girlfriend. It may keep a lonely guy company. It could even kill fascists.
All for $600. Just take it out of the closet once in a while and play it.