The Melvan and Our Too Much Money Shopping Guide to Music Memorabilia

posted by Michael John Simmons

The Melvan and Our Too Much Money Shopping Guide to Music Memorabilia
Pete Townshend's Schecter Tele
Eddie Vedder Pick
Django with Levin Archtop
Dick Clark's Bedrock

The Internet has been buzzing with the news that the Melvan is for sale on eBay. The Melvan was the legendary 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal Van that was the primary mode of transport for the Melvins early in their career. Junkyards across America are littered with similar vans but only this one boasts hand-drawn artwork by Kurt Cobain, who, using stolen Sharpies, drew some very nice caricatures of Kiss on the side. As of this writing the bidding is up to $99,999, which is a fair chunk of change for a ratty van that doesn't run. So, if you did happen to win this treasure, how should you accessorize it? Perhaps this Schecter Tele that used to belong to Pete Townshend would be a good start. Considering it managed to survive getting smashed its $40,000 price tag is a bargain. And to play that guitar, you should use this $1,200 guitar pick that was used by Eddie Vedder. For your acoustic moods, this Levin archtop would be nice. It might seem a bit steep at $135,000, but it does come with a photo of Django Reinhardt playing it. And after you get all your treasures, where do put them all? Well, this little place in Malibu looks nice. It currently belongs to Dick Clark, it looks like a cave and it could be yours for $3,500,000.