The Fretboard Journal Weekly Spotify Playlist

posted by Jason Verlinde

The Fretboard Journal Weekly Spotify Playlist

Ever wanted to listen to some of the artists you read about in our publication? One of the most frustrating things about putting out a print magazine for musicians is that – no matter how great the writing is – you can't hear the music! With that in mind, today we launched a weekly Spotify playlist, where you can discover some of the music mentioned in the FJ, along with tunes we're just personally excited about. Every week, we'll curate about an hour of music we think you like. 

Spotify, in case you haven't heard of it, is a web-based service that streams music. A lot of music. You can join for free and hear some advertising or you can pay a monthly fee and get unlimited access to thousands of artists and songs. Regardless, you can play  a song or an album in its entirety ... or even an artist's entire discography in its entirety!

Our first playlist features favorite tunes from Gillian Welch (about to appear on the cover of Fretboard Journal #23); a Ry Cooder tune and something from the Kingston Trio (Bob Shane is also in FJ #23) that are particularly poignant in this Occupy Wallstreet-era; Neil Young (we have a feature on his guitar tech Larry Cragg coming up); a tune from the Belle Brigade (the FJ's Ryan Richter is currently on the road playing guitar with them) and a lot more.

We'll put out a new playlist every week: some will probably be eclectic and filled with new artists, some will likely have old classics we can't get enough of.  Many will be a mix. Regardless, we'll try to pick stuff that would be the perfect compliment to your favorite guitar magazine. We hope you like it and if you have a tune you'd like us to add to the mix, just let us know.

Get the playlist here. And follow us on Facebook to get forthcoming lists.